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About Us


Welcome to Prestige

A company guided by compassion, purpose and heart. Prestige Homecare are here to provide you with the care staff you need to ensure those requiring help get it.

Our Company

We are, as the name may suggest, a respectable company driven by strong moral views on how health care and care staff should operate. We are unwavering in our commitment to providing unrivalled quality staff wherever they’re needed, even if it’s at a short notice.

Formed by individuals with first-hand experience in the healthcare industry, we know what the world is like. We know what reliable staff can do. We know how much stress and upheaval can be caused by staff that are less than stellar in those regards. And that’s something we aim to reduce. Trust us, we get it.


Our mission is simple. Where care staff are required, we aim to provide the most fitting, qualified and dependable individuals to fit the role. Stress-free. Quality staff that you, no matter your situation, can rely on to fulfil the job duty you required them for.

We like to keep things simple and efficient, yet heartfelt and effective. When striking a balance between the two, we believe that excellence occurs. And that’s exactly where we aim to be. So, if your needs overlap with our mission – get in contact with us today. We’re ready to perform.


Our passion, much like our mission, is dependable and quality care. The reward that comes from seeing individuals getting the care they need, to live a fulfilling and comfortable life, cannot be compared to anything else in life. At least, in our opinion.

But that’s just a testament to the passion that we feel when care is being provided appropriately. So, if you’re looking for people that truly care. That are truly passionate about care. Well, you need to look no further. You’ve found them. Let us help you.