Prestige Home care



Concentrate on Recovery

With appropriate help, you can focus on what matters.

Sadly, not everyone gets to focus on what really matters: the recovery. Life keeps throwing things in the way, and they become a hindrance to true wellness being achieved again. We believe that appropriate care staff can alleviate this problem, and allow efforts to go into recovering, by dealing with issues that may arise.

All services that we offer are sculpted with this in mind. We want everyone, no matter their situation, to be able to achieve wellness as soon as they can. No matter what the idea of wellness is to them. So, allow our support staff to enable you in this manner.

Full-Time Live-In Support

Full, professional support – within the comfort of the client’s own home.

Not everyone can afford residential care, but still require the level of care that it can provide. This is what a full-time live-in support carer aims to be an alternative for. With a live-in carer, you can rest assured that:

  • Care is available, all days of the week and all hours of the day.
  • The comfort of one’s own home will never have to be forfeited.
  • Relationships with friend’s and family improve, as care is always covered.

Visiting Care

Care where those that want it, need it most. At home.

One of the most aggravating aspects of illness is the inability to manage┬áthe condition without professional assistance. This usually means lengthy, exhausting trips to medical care facilities to ensure you, or your loved one, gets the treatment they need. But that’s not the case with a private home nurse. Some services our nurses provide:

  • Ensuring that the individual’s hygiene is assisted in any way possible.
  • Ensuring all medication and treatment for conditions is managed appropriately.
  • Keeping the person in need in the best environment possible for themselves.
  • Providing an ample level of companionship for the ones in need.

Very much like live-in care, this all takes place in one’s own home of course. The only difference being that the carer is only there for a select few hours of the day. But as always, if extra care is necessary – said carers will only be a call away.

Housekeeping and Meals

The bare essentials, provided with the best of care.

Not everyone that’s in need of care needs length medical assistance. Some just need assistance with the basic day-to-day management of their home life. Understanding that, we have carers available to provide exactly that. Some of the things we cover with our Housekeeping and Meals service include:

  • Cleaning of any, or all, rooms within the home to immaculate standards.
  • Meals and drinks prepared, on demand or in advance,
  • Freedom to live your life as unhindered as possible, allowing you to reachieve wellness.

With this kind of care, you have no need to worry about your basic day-to-day needs and can set your sights on recovery and enjoyment. Let us handle the rest.

Personal Care and Medication

Freedom to live, with that little extra helping hand.

The idea of personal care is to enable the individual to live life to the their best possible quality, while also encouraging them to live as unassisted as possible. Help will always be there when needed, but personal care is to help them reclaim independence – not reliance. Some of the regular services offered through this:

  • Keeping track of medication and other necessities required for recovery.
  • Companionship and a well of encouragement to live as one pleases.
  • Assistance with anything the individual may need in their day-to-day lives.

Holiday Assistance

Help on your trip away, to ensure everyone has a good time.

Holidays are stressful enough, without having to constantly worry about a loved one’s medical condition. We want you to be able to go on holiday, relax and truly have a good time – without constant nagging worries in the back of your mind. A medical care holiday assistant will provide exactly that relief.

Allow the professional to handle the medical care, while you handle managing the holiday and ensuring that you – and everyone else – has a good time on it. The value of such relief cannot be understated. It’ll really change how your holidays go in terms of smoothness.

Socialising, Shopping & Driving

The overlooked essentials that everybody needs.


Social interaction is a basic component that everybody needs. No matter their situation. However, those with medical conditions that need treatment – the isolation can often feel like a lot to bear. That’s why we believe in offering socialising as a real form of care. The way socialising needs can be met through this service include:

  • Basic companionship with the carer provided.
  • Carer assisted trips to see friends, family or attend events.
  • Encouragement and assistance to communicate with others when out and about.


Shopping is another overlooked aspect of a normal day-to-day routine that many ill people miss out on. It’s nice to get out of the house, buy yourself something nice and interact with people going about their lives. But sadly, many sick people cannot do that without assistance. That’s where we come in.

With our carers, we aim to get them out of the house in the safest manner possible. This includes being on-hand to provide any medical care if things were to go awry, but that is a worst case scenario that’s rarely seen. For the most part, the benefits of taking such trips are far greater and cannot be understated.


Driving guarantees mobility to get around and do what you need to do. Many people with serious health conditions don’t have this option. We want to give this freedom back to them, and empower them to live the lives they want to lead.

End of Life Care

Compassionate care when it’s needed most.

This is arguably one of the most difficult times to care for an individual. Not only for the person that needs care, but the people providing the care too. This is why we personally want to make a commitment to you: When you need care during these times, we will be there to make as easy as possible. For all involved.

Our staff are skilled, compassionate and heartfelt professionals. If there’s any time that these traits should be present, it’s in these instances. That’s what we provide. Be it through proper medication management, emotional support, companionship and comfort, domestic duties or anything else you can think of.

We will make this time as smooth as it can be, given the circumstances. We care.

Respite Care Services

Because those giving care need a break too.

As an informal carer, such as a family member taking care of another, the stress can take its toll on you. Naturally, you have things in your life that you need to attend to and cannot always be available for the individual that you’re caring for. Respite care was made with this in mind.

With our professional staff, you can go and take a break from all of your care duties. While still ensuring that those you’re caring for will get the care they need and have become accustomed to. There’s no reason for you to burn yourself out. It helps nobody, so take a break. We can help.

Some services that can be included in Respite Care:

  • Ensuring medication is taken.
  • Ensuring hygiene is maintained.
  • Ensuring a clean living environment.
  • Attending to any dressing or wounds from injury/surgery.
  • … And much more. Depending on what you need.